Town of Despair PSA

Dear faithful citizen and visitors of Despair,

As your mayor Mirage, I would like to take this time to address a concern on many of your mind. Pietro, the "overlord" of Despair is not your leader nor will he ever be your leader. I am in control and I maintain that Utopia. If you cannot place your trust in me, than how can I protect you from the outside world and the evil from within?


Some of you may have met with a visitor named Katie. She was a sweet little kitty and decided to run from home on one faithful day. As a concerned mayor, no, as concerned citizen of Despair, I knew I had to take Katie to another town where she will be safe. I brought her to the train station as quickly as I can with the first train out of town, a train to Pnath rule by an equally just mayor, Miles. Unfortunately, as I made all effort to bring her to safety, she turned back to pick up a ticket she dropped on the floor. The door closed in front of me and the train left the station. This was my single greatest failure as your mayor. I quickly return on the next train back to Despair. To my dismay, Katie was gone. The next day, a letter arrived in the mail. It was from Katie, and inside, the letter told me not to worry as she is safe and moved on. What do those word mean and how did she know my address? This is clearly an inside job and someone within the town!

Your overlord Pietro is not who he claims to be, there is a sinister being behind that colorful coat and makeup.


Nor can he outshine me in my clear superiority.

Sometimes, he doesn't even try to hide his nefarious plots.

Does he have a motive? He sure does!


On some rainy days, I've caught him lurking about waiting for unsuspected and rightful citizens.

And when I've approach him to make him sign some documents, the following transpired.


Shortly after which he proceeded to strap me down to an electric chair!

So what about me? What have I, Mirage, Despair's best mayor done for you?

Well, I've started a new market to help business grow. More business, more bells.


I've enacted the Night Owl Ordinance to push more public projects.


And as some of you suspected, my father is indeed Clark Triton, former mayor of Misthallery and my mentor, the famous, Professor Layton. I've got being mayor in my blood and trained by the world's greatest puzzle solver.


I'm also a people's person.


Whatever good words you've heard about Pietro, I ask you to reconsider what you've heard and heed my words.

Vote for Mirage in your next election!

Your most excellent Mayor,

Mirage aka Luke Triton

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