Today, I had the pleasure of demoing Super Smash Brothers for both the WiiU and 3DS.

The lineup are divided into time slots, and you get a wristband with a dedicated time to wait online.

(This image is upside down and it's actually my left hand. Pet peeve, I don't understand why some people would wear their watch on their writing hand. It bothers me a bit)

Around, 2:30, I got online, and the wait took about 30 minutes.


Pictures of the actual game is forbidden, only pictures of the experience is allowed as stated by one of the Nintendo employee.

Nintendo World didn't switch out any of the Mario Kart 8 decor. There are 3 Wii U Stations for play.


Each group gets three 5 minutes matches. The victor of the last match gets 2 Super Smash Brothers large button pins.

During my turn, I've tried Greninja, Little Mac and Zero Suit Samus. My placing is 4th, 4th, and 3rd, respectively. (I'm not very good at fighting games, as many of you probably already know.)

Greninja isn't too bad but he's definitely not for me. Little Mac, I had even more trouble with and kept falling off/missing all my attacks. Finally, Zero Suit Samus, I like, she responded to the way I wanted from the speed to the attacks. But I'm committed to make Palutena my main, Zero Suit Samus is looking to be my back.


Everyone is given a Wii U Pro Controller to play, and it's not bad but it's no GC controller. The controls feel really tight and responsive.

I can't remember the name of the stages. The first one was on these airplane (I think it's the Pilotwing stage), the second was this stage with moving/shift blocks (really had no idea which one this was), and the last one was Little Mac boxing ring.

After trying the Wii U version, those who wish to try the 3DS version gets to wait on a second line. So I did, this took another 30 minutes or so of waiting.


There are 4 3DS XL, and the only mode they were demoing is Smash Run. Unfortunately for me, Zero Suit Samus is not an option on the roster, so I went with Shiek (since I use Zelda/Shiek a lot in Brawl). The Smash Run mode is interesting, you run through a side scrolling dungeon for 5 minutes to defeat enemies and gain stats powerup. Once the 5 minutes are up, you proceed to a 3? minute match against either friends or CPU. I lost....

So what did I think of the 3DS version? I can't say I love it nor do I hate it. It confirms my suspicion that it will likely wear down the buttons on your 3DS like dust since the action is pretty fast pace during the battles.

The game does NOT look as good as it did in the trailers on the 3DS XL. Maybe it will look better on the 3DS but on the XL, it looks really pixelated and during smash run, Shiek look like a pixelated stick especially when the game suddenly zooms out.


Maybe I suck, the changes they've made to Shiek, or it could be the controls but the controls didn't seem to be as responsive or responding the way I had hope.

Overall, Super Smash Brothers 3DS is good enough for a Smash Brothers fix on the go, but won't be able to replace or give you the same quality of experience on the console.

Though, that may change when the game comes out since it is just a demo.